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Recovery from Osgood Schlatters/long-term injury?


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Hi, This is the first time I have posted but I’m desperate to hear of any success stories after suffering with Osgood Schlatters. My son is 13 years old and is in his 3rd year at Tring Park. He grew 6 inches last year and has subsequently suffered with terrible pain in his knees and shins. He hasn’t been able to dance since Summer and is now on crutches as his pain has increased. He has had 2 MRI scans which thankfully do not show anything else sinister going on other than Osgood Schlatters but his pain is not improving. School believe that he will probably be off dance for the rest of the year and I’m really concerned about his state of mind, he is very depressed and concerned about his training. Has anybody else’s children been through this and come out of the other side? It would be really good to be able to tell him there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone else that has had this much time off dance and gone on to join a company?

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balletmum11 I'm sorry your son has such a severe condition. I cannot help with Osgood - Schlatters but my DC had twice had significant injuries and I know how low the children get when they can't dance and being away from home must make it so much harder ....


Just wondering if you know about the NHS dance clinics in London and Birmingham? I wonder if they may be a useful place to be referred to?


Good luck.

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It is not unusual for young dancers in training to be “off dance” for many months with injury, I have seen it often and it happened to my dd so I can appreciate what you are going through. It is really hard for them as they are impatient and can feel they are falling behind, which they are not. It is really important to think of the bigger picture and realise that trying to press on or go back too early can end a career before it’s even begun. Long term injury can teach a young person a lot about themselves and build resilience and with the right support and rehabilitation they can strengthen and build an even stronger body to come back with. Hang in there. x

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Hello All,


I would like to warmly thank for accepting me to join this group.

It is a great opportunity to share with you the way we are curing Osgood Schlätter and Sever diseases in France and also all around the world.

Inded, 17 years ago, we (as sports doctor and orthopedic surgeon) started to work on these 2 diseases in order to propose an efficient treatment.

After many clinic studies, we setup a orthosis that helps the children affected by OSD or Sever to be cured in 3 months with only 1 month rest (without any activity).

You will find enclosed the brochure that describes these 2 orthosis.

I remain at you disposal should you have any questions.

Kind regards,





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