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Nederlands Dans Theater 1, Singapore, Oct 2018

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NDT1 toured here recently - would be interesting to see if anyone here managed to catch it and has comments? I believe the programme's the same as that at Sadler's Wells in Jun 2018.


'Twas my first time seeing NDT1 and I was struck by the inventive use of the stage and various media. I can see how different pieces would have appealed to different people - Shoot the Moon is a strong piece on relationships; Woke Up Blind has very vivid creative dance moves; The Statement is a delightfully sharp statement on corporate behaviour; and Stop-Motion was visually stunning (flour, screens, the kestrel flying) and engaging. For those interested, I've done up a more detailed review of impressions here.

Regarding a comment on the Sadler's Wells performances about audience reactions: at the performance I caught (an audience of both locals and expatriates), people did laugh quite loudly and often during The Statement - I was startled, but I imagine the black humour tickled them and perhaps (to their bitter amusement) it resonated with them.


I note NDT1 will be in Turkey with a slightly different programme and in Germany with a couple of World Premieres by some of the choreographers featured here - curious to see what those will be like :)

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