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From the Moderators: Forum policy for discussion of ALL vocational schools

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Discussion of Vocational Schools and Courses


A particular area of difficulty for Forum Moderators on several occasions has been discussion of Vocational Schools, on which experiences and views have understandably differed, sometimes quite strongly.  Against that background, the general Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) conditions continue to apply but, as regards Vocational Schools and Courses, these additional parameters are added: 


1.  Posts about schools or courses should report personal experiences only (posted by the student, members of a student’s family, or the student’s teacher with permission). 


2.  They should not include second-hand information - eg claiming to speak on someone else’s behalf,  or for “many people,” “the majority of students,” and so forth.


3.  As a reminder of the Forum’s Acceptable Use Policy (to which all members agree upon signing up) nothing should be included that could be construed as defamatory in any way and which could therefore lead to legal ramifications (eg oblique references to, or vague allegations of, unlawful or abusive behaviour.)


The Forum’s Acceptable Use Policy can be found here:  http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/417-the-balletcoforum-acceptable-use-policy/


Balletcoforum Moderators

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