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The Australian Ballet 2019 season

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  • The Happy Prince - new Graeme Murphy - 19-26 March
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Wheeldon - 8-22 June
  • LAC - Jean-Christophe Maillot - Les Ballets de Monte Carlo - 27 June-6 July
  • Sylvia - Stanton Welch - 31 August-10 September
  • The Nutcracker - Sir Peter Wright - 17-28 September



  • Verve - mixed bill of Stephen Baynes' Constant Variants, Alice Topp's Aurum, and Tim Harbour's Filigree and Shadow - 5-25 April
  • The Happy Prince - 1-18 May
  • Sylvia - 8-23 November
  • The Nutcracker - 30 November-18 December


Plus Alice in Brisbane 25 February-2 March and The Nutcracker in Adelaide 8-12 October.


Plus Paris in July, and a mixed bill at the Joyce Theater in New York in late May, comprising Aurum, Unspoken Dialogues by Stephen Baynes, and a new Tim Harbour.


Casting will be available on the company website approximately one week before each season opens. Allegedly.


My brother and I have a joint subscription to Australian Ballet's Melbourne seasons. This means five nights over the period March-September. For 2017 it was $636 each for second-rank seats. For 2018 the exact same seats will cost us $812 each, which is $176 or (I think) a 27% increase. And for three of five shows we're further back than usual as they're removing the front two rows to accommodate a larger orchestra pit. Sadly all the cheaper seats are either way at the side (restricted view although they rarely admit it) or way up the back. Grrr 😡

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I have just, after a great deal of effort over the last few months, and finally, after getting TAB in a hammer lock on the floor, managed to establish dates for Alex Campbell's performances in Sydney in Ratmansky's Cinderella. Acknowledging all the usual caveats about injuries and cast changes, he will be dancing on Wednesday December 12th and Friday December 14th. So go to it all you Sydney -based (Australia-based?) BcF regulars, and if you already knew, good on you and hope to see you there.

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Thank you very much jmb that makes you a hero in my book (although I'd already had the dates privately but was asked specifically not to share).


He will be partnering Leanne Stojmenov, Ratmansky's original Cinderella in this production, in her final performances before retiring.


I shall be there on the Friday night. BcF meetup at stage door after?

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DD Driver, unless either Stojmenov or Campbell has to pull out, there won't be any changes to a guest artist's scheduled performances in my experience watching this company.


jmb, if you look at my Instagram way back to when Kobborg and Cojocaru guested in Manon with what I think was his final des Grieux, you'll find a photo of geek me totally grinning like a loon next to Kobborg. Strictly for identification purposes please 😉

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