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Pas De Bourree and Pas De Basque


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Pas de bouree a quatre and cinq pas


These are compound pas de bourees (usually we use them with 3 parts or movements e.g. behind side in front for an under) The pas de bopuree a quatre and cinq pas consist of a pas de bouree under ending in a coup de pied position for quatre pas followed by a pose in arabesque, and (usually) a close into 5th and for the cinq pas rather than the cou-de-pied position the toe (tip of point shoe or demi-pointe) "taps" the floor just in front of the supporting foot before continuing to the pose into arabesque and (usually) a close in fith. I put usually in brackets because this can as ever be changed to accommodate choreography into for example a chasse ....




hope this helps,



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Does anyone know what makes up a pas de bourree quatre pas and a pas de bourre cinq pas.


And a pas de basque battu?


Thank you, :)


In the pas de basque battu the there is a "beat" of the feet in the initial spring off the floor before the interchange of the legs.

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