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BRB - Fire & Fury, Sadler's Wells


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Like- just got a bargain-thanks Alison.


Don't like at all- that they are having to sell off tickets so very cheaply. A very great shame for BRB - what is going wrong here....(that said, I do think 31 Oct, like 5 Nov can be a difficult day as people often have social events-or their children do.)



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Okay, two ballets which nobody outside ballet fans is likely to have heard of - or probably want to see - and if the running time of 1 h 35 is genuine then I'm wondering whether I should bother spending a tenner traipsing up to town in the first place.  The combined journeys will take me a lot longer than the performance!  I might have to go for a matinee so that at least I can add something else on.


I'm afraid this seems to have been the history of BRB mixed bills recently :(  

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