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For sale RB Mayerling and La Bayadere-various

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43 minutes ago, Lindy said:

Balcony seat 4.  Let me know if you want it as I'm returning them all to box office tomorrow.


 I think the new style of tickets is very confusing. I assume, given the price  of your ticket, that it is for a standing place in the Balcony.  There isn’t a Balcony seat with the number 4 (unless it’s in a box).   The new style standing tickets have the letter of the row to the side and the number of the standing place in the middle, immediately under the word ‘seat’!  Most confusing.

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39 minutes ago, Lindy said:

  As the ticket says Balcony seat 4, I assumed it was a seat.  Don't the standing tickets normally say standing?   A call to the box office might answer that one.


Other new style standing tickets have the word ‘standing’ printed in the bottom left hand corner, immediately below the door and row/box information.  Maybe this is missing from your tickets?

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