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The Unknown Soldier

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I was rather taken with the picture the ROH are now using to advertise this new work..

The related Insight event on Sept. 27 will be my first ballet outing for the 18/19 season. Having not been to an Insight before, I am not sure quite what to expect, and the ROH blurb doesn't make it particularly clear. Still about 6 weeks to wait ! 


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I'm going to this too!!

ive only managed to get to one other Insight at the Clore and it was an Interview with Alessandra Ferri and was really good very informative about her life and relationship to ballet and what it was like to come back after a complete year off and as an older dancer(she had planned to retire when left originally) ....inspiring!! 

Hopefully with this we might get a bit of dance demo but am sure it will be good!

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what normally happens is you get some rehearsal/coaching (one long session, or two short ones), an interview with the choreographer, sometimes the dancers, if a commissioned score, a chat with the composer (usually with the choreographer about the collaborative process). If an old score, maybe a chat with or talk by the conductor about the music. If an old piece, some talk by someone knowledgeable about the history of the piece, its music, etc. At the end, a question and answer session. That sort of thing.

Also, most of these insights are streamed live (and recorded so you can watch later if there, or if you can't do so live). They only miss off the Q&A from the end. The exception are the 'in conversation' type events.


Enjoy the experience, I find most of them fascinating (and its always a pleasure seeing the dancers up close). I'll be watching via the interweb! 🙂

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ROH Customer Services have kindly given me a little more detail:


"The event will include two live rehearsals with dancers of the Royal Ballet and there will be an interview with Alastair and his creative team which will explore his reasons and vision for creating it and what he's trying to achieve in the work.

Unfortunately we aren't able to confirm any of the dancers yet as the ballet company are still away. We'll only know more in the week or two before the event".


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These are web links for the   BBC documentary series - Lost Heroes of World War One - that Alastair Marriott used as a source.

(If the hyperlinks don't work just copy and paste the addresses into Google search) 

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xz8k6o     Ep 1   The amazing Florence Billington appears from  about 5:35 to 6:15 & 17:00 to 18:25

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xz8j7q      Ep 3  Florence again  from about 03:08 to 03:40

Her  sweetheart was called Ted/ Edward but nothing else is mentioned to identify him... the "painful duty" letter shown in the clip is about someone else - Lance Corporal Harold Henry Butler.

Edited by Richard LH
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