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Anybody studying at RCS or who knows info about the school please could you tell me, how many contact hours?, class sizes? ratio of ballet/contemporary? or any other info you can share about the school please, DD interested in auditioning for Sept 19.

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My dd is currently at RCS, there are 17 in her year group. classes 60/40 ballet contemporary, they also do jazz, coaching, pointe work, conditioning. The teaching staff are supportive if you want to enter competitions like, YAGP, Genee etc. You can also take RAD vocational grades up to and including solo seal. There is also a term when one day a week is given over to working in a colaboration group with students from all other courses run by RCS. Most first years stay at Liberty Living and the students tend to walk to and from dance studios together. Funding is by student finance. This year’s grads have done very well at gaining contracts.

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