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Vail Dance Festival 2018 - International Evenings

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Here are links to highlights (all too brief) from the  two "International" performances held on 03 and 04 August. 

These include (03 August) Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambe dancing  from "The Dream",  and from  "Romeo & Juliet" (in the latter case, stepping in for an injured Misty Copeland and Herman Cornejo) and (04 August) Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambe dancing from "Chroma".


Although the artists were advertised as "dancers from around the world", as far as I can make out Frankie and Marcelino were the only non-USA representatives. 



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Thanks so for this, Richard.  Wonderful to see - apart from the ever glorious Tiler Peck - Roman Meija - who is the young son of Paul Meija, (former member of NYCB; Bejart Ballet; former husband of Suzanne Farrell and a co-director of Chicago Ballet aside Maria Tallchief, etc.,) and who has just finished his first year in the NYCB corps.  [He so looks like his dad.]  Also lovely to catch a glimpse of Patricia Delgado back on a stage however briefly - largely I assume because her long-term boyfriend - the internationally famed balletic choreographer - Justin Peck - was amongst this mix.  


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