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Adult ballet classes in Sheffield


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Hi balletcoers 

My DD is off to.medical school in Sheffield in Sept and is very keen to find an adult ballet class. She has been doing ballet since age 3, more recently Vaganova but don't think she's overly fussed, and is very keen to find a friendly local class that isn't at too advanced (the adult vaganova class she's been doing works more on strength and getting good basics than the more flashy moves so for example she wouldn't be able to do double pirouettes).  Any suggestions would be very gratefully received. 

Many thanks 😊

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Might not be what your dd is after but does the university have a ballet society?  Dd’s offer advanced, intermediate and beginners classes.  Lots of other opportunities too and a great place to meet students on other courses. 


Edited to add congratulations to your dd for gaining her place. 

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Thanks Millie3 there is a dance society with one ballet class she will try but I think she'd like to have other options in case it isn't the right level for her... so its nice to get a feel of what's available...

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I recommend Hype Dance at 60 Upper Allen St, Sheffield, S3 7GL 

In answer to Millie3's question, Sheffield does have a Dance Soc.   I wrote a short article on Ballet at University in my blog  where I discussed the Dance Society that I helped to found at St Andrews 50 years ago and mentioned similar societies at other leading universities including Sheffield.

CeliB's daughter will also be welcome at any of the monthly classes of Powerhouse Ballet which alternate between Yorkshire and the Northwest.   The next one will be in Liverpool on 22 Sept with Mark Hindle of KNT and a guest from the Netherlands and the one after that will be in Leeds on 28 Oct which will be taught by Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet.  For the time being I do not make a charge for attending class.   

I wish CeliB's daughter every success in her medical studies and subsequent career. 

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 I  see Jane  @Terpsichore  has all ready answered,  although i've not  (yet) taken class  at Hype i do know people  ( via Powerhouse and TBR )  who  do take class there on a regular basis ... and Sheffield  is  certainly  'core territory' for Powerhouse .   

As a Sheffield  Alumna/ Alumnus  I can heartily  recommend the city and the university  , just a little sad that my subject  got gutted  at UoS  thanks ot the arrogance nad hubris of the  Senior team in  dept at the time  a recommissioning  exercise  took place (  holding out for status quo or nowt  despite  the picture elsewhere showign  rebalancing  of provision  will end you up with nowt ) . Sheffield has a very  good and comprehensive set of   provision  for  Health  professional pre-reg   with few specialities  not represrented across the area  ... 

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