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NEBT looking for a male ballet dancer

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The post on their ballet mistresses oGe (Nicky Henshall) says:


Are there any Male freelance ballet dancers out there looking for work and interested in working with New English Ballet Theatre for the next two months. 

Choreographers you would
Be working with are Wayne Eagling and Jenna Lee. Nebt may be looking for an extra male, send me a message if this sounds like something you would be interested in. Check out the company here.... (Facebook web link)


Someone has asked for an email address for enquiries. I will post it if one is given. 

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Great opportunity. My son worked with them after they were looking last minute for a male dancer a few years ago (and he'd recently returned from 3 years in a European company). Sadly he injured his back after a few performances and gave up dance shortly afterwards (not directly related, but partly!!). The last time I saw him on stage was with them - they gave him a walk-on part as a pizza delivery boy 😁

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