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Marquee TV - Netflix for the arts?

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On 20/07/2018 at 05:59, alison said:

The website is at http://launch.marquee.tv/


I see nothing as yet from the ROH, despite what it says in the Times article?  There are half-a-dozen Bolshoi productions, though.


To quickly introduce myself before I update an old thread, I'm Marc and I'm Head of Content for Marquee.


Apologies for the necro here.. but actual ROH programs are now on Marquee.TV, including Winter's Tale, Alice, Giselle, etc. A few more are coming (Ashton, MacMillan) There are more available in the US than UK because of rights issues. There was a little bit of confusion by some of the press because at the time we had other content under license from the Royal Opera House's label, but the actual ROH content wasn't ready.


Also - to whomever mentioned that the price difference (or similarity) between the UK and US was due to VAT - you nailed it :)



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The ballet offerings are here, by the way:



Took me a while (and a change of browser) to get at them ...


EDIT: Better still, go to the main dance page here


and then click on "ALL [type of dance]"

I originally thought that all available films were shown on this page, but that's not true.

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I've just had this offer come into my inbox, and thought it might be of interest, especially since various companies seem to be putting stuff on there:


Marquee TV
This September, enjoy 50% off a year's subscription plus a 14 day free trial!*
Lose yourself in the arts with Marquee TV and enjoy the world's best dance, opera, theatre, music and ideas on demand.

Don't miss out on a jam-packed autumn season along with star-studded productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company (such as David Tennant in Richard II) and Classic Spring's hit Oscar Wilde season including Jennifer Saunders in the hilarious yet poignant Lady Windermere's Fan, directed by Kathy Burke.

Plus, from mid-September they'll be showcasing brand new concerts from the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Watch the thrilling trailer now to see all that you could be revelling in from the comfort of your own home!

In addition they'll be playing host to Houston Grand Opera's 2020/21 season, as well as the San Francisco Dance Film Festival in October along with exclusive access to the best events from the 2020 Cheltenham Literary Festival.

Don't delay, this amazing offer is only available until midnight BST on Sunday 4 October 2020!
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Full page article in this coming weeks Radio Times under 'Streaming' about an offer they have for Marquee TV. 


'Radio Times readers are being offered 50% off an annual subscription to Marquee TV (£44.99 rather than the regular annual rate of £89.99. )'

If you register you get a weeks  no-commitment free trial and it's only after that your money gets taken. Offer ends 31 July 2021. I would put all the login details mentioned in the Radio Times but don't know if I'll be contravening any Forum regs by doing so. However, I can do so later if the mods think it is OK or anyone can pm me for details or buy the new Radio Times dated 3-9 July. I haven't actually been on the Marquee website lately (below) but the website is offering 30% off anyway if anyone misses the RT offer. The first link details their own 30% off offer. The second link details the ballets on offer. Reasonably varied but many either been shown on tv or livestreamed. However, there is also theatre and opera, including some streaming of the new Glyndbourne season. Just click on the browse option at the top of the page on the second link.






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I recently dropped Marquee after the one-week free trial (to watch The Washington Ballet’s first two substantial - over 10 minutes - streams). In flipping through their full-length classical ballet offerings, I saw very little that I didn’t already have on commercial DVD.


Maybe for the casual viewer who doesn’t collect ballets...DVDs on shelves...or for folks with an equal passion for other arts. I’m all ballet - all the time! 💗 

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I'm new on the forum and well less knowledgeable than most on here, but I do have the normal ROH and ENB with a smattering of Bolshoi on DVD. I don't wish to sound like an advertisement, but I've welcomed the chance to broaden my ballet and musical horizons, watching the La Scala and and Australian companies which are seldom offered.

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