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Ballet Cymru Associates


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Here is an earlier thread specifically about the Ballet Cymru Associates:



If you search the Doing Dance forum using the search criterion "Cymru" there are lots of other threads that pop up including information about the summer schools.

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On 18/07/2018 at 20:21, Mummy twinkle toes said:

Are you waiting to find out if you have a place? You can contact Amy directly. They are very friendly.

Hi Mummy Twinkle Toes, 

No, DD has an audition on Sunday 22nd July. Just wanted a bit of a heads up as to what the audition process is like xx

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20 hours ago, Mummy twinkle toes said:

Good luck. When Dd1 did it they did a ballet class and some improvisation. They do like creative dancers.


Thanks, Mummy. DD did it today and they did indeed do some improvisation x 

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