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Does anyone know of any dedicated ballet foundations ?

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there’s now the Sergei Polunin Charity Foundation too.

He’ll be the first active dancer to be supporting young dancers in their training (20+ children already), as well as new projects, choreographers, composers, professional dancers, etc.  Sergei was 29 when the charity was registered formally in 2019, although he began personally supporting 4 children in 2018, aged 28.  

From his Facebook page:


“For a long time I have felt the need to donate - especially to children” said Sergei Polunin. 
“About a year ago I began supporting four kids in Serbia. One of them has already danced in the performances Satori and Rasputin. But I always had a dream to do it more systematically and on a larger scale. 
And this work started this year with launching the Fund in Russia.

The primary goals of the Fund according to Sergei Polunin were as follows:

📍The first is to search for, and finance the studies of young talents throughout Russia, although children from other countries will also be accepted.

📍The second - is the support of professional dancers and in general everyone who participates in the creation of dance projects - ballet masters, choreographers, composers, artists. 

📍The third - to develop ballet as art and entertainment, to create performances on the cusp of various trends in arts and technologies.
If you want - the formation of choreography of the future.

Sergei’s ballet training at the Royal Ballet School in London was sponsored by the - 

“Rudolph Nureyev Foundation”


Sergei says .... 
“I felt on myself, how important such individual support is at the earliest stage. 
And I understand how this mechanism works and what needs to be improved in it. 
The inner need to give to children, what I got myself, has been with me from a long time ago. 

I began with supporting four guys in Serbia 🇷🇸 

📍One of them - Djordje Kalenic - danced in Satori & my drama ballet - "Rasputin" ... in Moscow 🇷🇺 London 🇬🇧 Prague  🇨🇿 Zurich 🇨🇭 & Tashkent Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 ..... and will be Touring to Italy 🇮🇹  Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Singapore 🇸🇬 & Israel 🇮🇱 during 2020
📍Recently we auditioned children for the - Sevastopol State Academy of Choreography, where I agreed to become Acting Rector.
I was delighted as there are many talented children, everyone is gifted in their own way and 12 children were chosen as the 1st entrants of the Academy & will benefit from the Fund.
📍The following 3 x Grantees of the Fund .... appeared in the Fairytale Ballet - “Little Red & the Wolf”
Maryana Ramazanova - Krasnodar
Dmitriy Gostev - Ryazan
Ruslan Mamedov - Moscow

It is equally important to support artists when they have already reached a professional level or, on the contrary, are at the age that in our profession is considered pre-retirement. 
The world of classical dance is hierarchical and even despotic, rigid frames often do not allow the opportunity to fully reveal talent as possible, to realize all their ideas. 

Many people did not understand me when I left the Royal Ballet, but I sought freedom of thought and action, freedom of creativity. 
And now I gladly give this freedom to professionals of different countries, ages and schools, and invite them to my projects. 

“Sacré” and "Rasputin" were choreographed by - Yuka Oishi from Japan 🇯🇵 
The ballet "Romeo & Juliet” was choreographed by the Dane - Johan Kobborg 🇩🇰 
The Fairytale Ballet “Little Red & the Wolf” was created by English Choreographer - Ross Freddie-Ray McCaw 🇬🇧 
The music scores for "Rasputin" & “Little Red & the Wolf” were newly composed by young Russian composer - Kirill Richter. 🇷🇺 

In the past year the Polunin Fund has achieved sustantative results.

12 children have got grants for studying at the Academy of Choreography in Sevastopol where Sergei Polunin is the Acting Rector. 
A partnership agreement was signed between the Academy and the Fund. 
The academy is provided with financial and organizational assistance.

Five more kids got grants of the Fund. These grantees can get various forms of support from the Fund, including paying tuition fees in any academy of the world. 
Two grants for creative collaboration were awarded to two choreography teams from Perm and Moscow.

The Fund takes a special pride in the fact that six Sergei Polunin Fund Grantees are already involved in his projects, in the ballets ...
Satori, Rasputin and Little Red and the Wolf.

The family ballet “Little Red and the Wolf” has become the first full scale creative project of the Fund. 
It features three grantees ....
Maryana Ramazanova from Krasnodar
Dmitriy Gostev from Ryazan
Ruslan Mamedov from Moscow. 
On the whole, 27 International artists from 15 countries of the world took part in the ballet - “Little Red and the Wolf.”

It is important to note that at the moment the main contributor to the Fund is Sergei Polunin himself. 
He has delegated all his ballet rights to the Fund. 
20 % of the income, including the three Premiere performances of - “Little Red and the Wolf” .... are spent on the Fund Programs and Projects.

Sergei’s Charitable Fund’s active work did not pass unnoticed. 

In October 2019 The Association of Charity Funds  - “Face of the Nation” during the only all-Russia Charity Award named Sergei Polunin ....

🌟 “Person of the Year” 🌟

“I am accepting this prize with gratitude and responsibility, - said Sergei Polunin 
 I understand perfectly well that this Award is also for our future achievements. 
We have got a lot of work ahead. 
We have got great tasks. 
But we have only one option, that is to make them come true.”

In 2020 the Fund is planning to broaden the number of grantees.
To continue supporting the Academy of Choreography in Sevastopol.
To organize a Summer Camp for talented children from all over the world.
To create new Projects.

Work on one new Project has already started.

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is also in the stage of formation.
We are conducting a number of negotiations on partnerships.

We will be glad to cooperate with companies and organizations that share our values. We have great plans!

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