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Very large font on webpage


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I don't know quite what it is that I'm doing, but when using Internet Explorer 11 and I think moving the cursor down towards or onto the taskbar I have several times managed to magnify various websites considerably, which is really annoying because of course it affects the display.  The first few times I did it, when I clicked on the "gear wheel" (Tools symbol) at top right, I found that Zoom was engaged and a one-hundred-and-something percentage was displayed, so I could just set Zoom to 100% and all would be well.  Recently, though, Zoom has been showing 100% anyway, and the font is still excessively large.  Does anyone know what I might be doing to cause this, and how I can correct it, please?

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Short answer: IE is rubbish and it will do that.


Long answer: I've experienced that too earlier this week on Windows 10. There is clearly yet another dodgy M$ update, but I haven't been able to identify which one to remove. This behaviour has now stopped, only to be replaced by another, more annoying fault. My PC is setup to open all weblinks in Firefox. Since yesterday it has decided all weblinks are going to open in Edge (the worlds worse browser) but it tries I get a message saying "Edge can't be run as this account. Try logging in with a different account." :angry: It's easy enough to reset the correct defaults in Control panel, but it's damn annoying that I now have to do this every time I sign on.


Luckily I have a Mac on my desk that I can use too, although that gives me a whole suite of other problems.

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