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RAD - Alexander Campbell Masterclass and other items

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(Moderators - think it is ok to comment on this as I booked my ticket via a mailout from a ballet supporters' group but if you feel it is inappropriate, please feel free to delete).


Just spent a lovely day at the Royal Academy of Dance watching Alexander Campbell give a series of classes to three different groups of students (classes ranged in numbers from 8 to around 30). Alexander, despite telling us he has done very little teaching, seemed a natural at it - confirmed by a lady I sat next to for a while was was herself a teacher and made quite a few notes! I was very impressed by how generous he was both in the classes themselves and in the Q&As after each one, where he answered every question fully - even if he had already responded to it a couple of times already with previous classes. I was also very impressed by the way he managed to give helpful tips to everyone, not concentrating on either the best or the ones obviously struggling but encouraging them all. He had a lovely manner with them and I'm sure, despite him being an RB principal, they were at ease with him - or at least it looked that way. There was a particularly lovely moment when one of the classes was doing turns diagonally from one side of the studio to the other and despite only five hands going up as left turners, everyone felt inspired and encouraged enough to all have a go.


As an aside, as a ballet lover, I'm not bothered with the old stereotypes which are any way fading these days, but I can't help feeling that Alexander's relaxed 'Aussie bloke' style is very helpful in dispelling any lingering myths!



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