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Festivals "Regional Finals"


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I've already mentioned this on the Not Dance forum but thought I might get more answers here, so I hope the mods will forgive me.

I was just wondering if anyone has been to a British Federation of Festivals regional final before, and if so could give me some idea how things run. My son has been selected to represent our local music festival and I've no idea what to expect - it seems to be a new development, in our region at least. At the other festival we regularly do, the nominated musician was an adult, so I'm intrigued how the adjudication works. I can't find much on the website but get the impression that the regional finals cover dance as well as music and speech, so thought someone here might have some experience. My son is very shy and doesn't cope terribly well in new situations sometimes, so it would be a big help to be able to tell him a bit about what to expect. Thanks!

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If it’s the same as dance then it runs pretty much the same as the local festivals except the competition is tougher as you’re now competing against the qualifiers from the local festivals. 


Dance adjudicators are named and qualifications listed on the website. 


Hope that’s helpful and good luck to DS. 



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