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Wanted: Friends Rehearsals Triple Bill Saturday 14th April

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Hi, I have a friend who is visiting London now and would really want to see the M&A triple bill, but unfortunately she is leaving on Saturday night so will barely miss the first performance. I notice that there is a friend’s rehearsal on Saturday at 12.30 pm, so it is much appreciated if anyone has a spare ticket for the friends rehearsal. Please PM me if there is any available. Thank you.

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Hi Eva,


If you yourself are a Friend, log in and have a look - there are tickets available.


If not, please DM me if I can help; I haven't used my whole rehearsals quota this booking period so I've got space to add a "plus one" on Saturday. At the time of writing this there is 1 stalls circle seat and several Balcony seats available, all with some kind of view restriction, priced at £22; there's also most of the Upper Slips, priced at £4.

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