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Music at the British Museum April 2018

Lynette H

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Europe and the World - a music festival at the British Museum 16 - 29th April


This is a first for the BM


"Europe and the world: a symphony of cultures brings together diverse musical traditions in the extraordinary setting of the Museum’s galleries, surrounded by objects in the collection.

Experience works by composers that pushed European music in new directions by connecting with other cultures, including Richard Strauss, Berio, Stockhausen, Messiaen, Ligeti and Nono. Enjoy these works alongside performances devoted to historic international traditions such as classical music from India, Spanish flamenco music, Japanese spiritual music from the 7th century and Byzantine choral music."


Details here




There are a number of associated events, some of which are free. (So if you are curious what Ligeti's piece for 100 metronomes looks and sounds like in practice, this is your chance......)







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