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BOLSHOI GISELLE Cinema 3.00pm Sat 14th April, Curzon Victoria - FOR SALE

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  • alison changed the title to BOLSHOI GISELLE Cinema 3.00pm Sat 14th April, Curzon Victoria - FOR SALE

Sorry to hijack your thread, capybara, but I do think it's such a shame that cinemas don't offer the option of putting tickets back on sale (or an exchange for an encore performance?) for sold-out "event" broadcasts.  I suppose they're not set up for it, but if people are booking weeks or months in advance and then find they are unable to attend, all that happens is that the seats go unoccupied, and other people who would have liked to have gone then can't, or have to look much farther afield in order to do so.  Several times recently, I've been to a near-sold-out Bolshoi showing in one of my "locals" only to find that a significant number of the seats remained untaken throughout the performance, despite the box office having assured me that they've been sold. I can only conclude that there's a similar chance that there might be seats unoccupied during sold-out showings as well, which late-bookers like me are unable to get at :(   (I never advance-book the Bolshoi, as the Sunday scheduling always means there's a risk of engineering works fouling up my best-laid plans!)

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5 hours ago, capybara said:

2 tickets (seniors £19 each) for the Curzon Cinema Victoria (which was sold out when I bought them). Grigorovich production filmed in October 2015 starring Zakharova, Polunin and Shipulina.

Are these still available please? It's been showing as sold-out for ages now!

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