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Congratulations to Ruth Brill


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I just want to wish Ruth the best of luck starting with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Ruth tried unsuccessfully to get a place at RBS and then trained at Tring Park from 6th form followed by ENB school then into ENB company where she has been for a few years.




Just shows that if you don't get into a vocational school at 11 you can still get into a top company.


Best of luck from us

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Excellent news:)

Two 3rd year students from Northern Ballet School (Manchester) just had a recall audition for BRB :)

Fingers crossed!

congratulations to all the girls xx


Were they girls (do we know)?


And does this possibly mean that BRB and RB may be making announcements on 2012/13 contracts before too long....? (It's a bit weird at Elmhurst because they don't actually go to audition at BRB - David Bintley will have already seen the dancers at the school or in company class, so it's all a bit of a mystery)

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