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Kenneth Greve: accusations

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That's a long story full of specific accusations. But is it a translation or not, I can't tell? Appearance suggests the original is in English yet we get a phrase like "they were trying to titillate with him" which isn't English.


And what about the headline? It says he is accused, among other things, of "insinuations" (a claim repeated later). What does this mean? One might for example "insinuate" that someone is as good a dancer as one had ever seen, surely not grounds for complaint. What word did they mean to use?

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6 hours ago, Ian Macmillan said:

I'd suggest that it would be sufficient if we all merely note the report and, unless someone is in a position to add something from a position of knowledge rather than speculation, leave it at that.


Yes Ian: in fact I question the legitimacy of the report as such, so am not yet ready even only to "note" it. It is not clear whether we have been presented with just a poor translation or perhaps something worse. In other words, there is currently a chance that, like much which floats around the Internet, this may not be worth any attention at all. Maybe the writing is accurate and well-sourced, maybe not.


For the time being I suggest dismissing it in toto until such time as something more competent is published. 



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@BeauxArts thank you for posting that. Perhaps now instead of doubting the verity of the first report in this post, because of translation - we can sympathise with what the poor dancers have had to put up with Greve. Thank goodness he has apologised fully and admitted he crossed the line so the dancers are no longer disbelieved.

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