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Hi everyone!

My DD is auditioning for Tring Dance Associates this weekend and I was curious whether there is any difference between this and the CBA Associates?

I know that for dance you may have the options of choosing tap, jazz, modern as well as classical. However if we just choose classical is that the same as CBA?



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Hello Adagekitty, 


No, Tring Park Associates and Tring Park Classical Ballet Academy are two separate schemes and have separate application processes and auditions.  CBA provides non-syllabus ballet classes on around 6 Sundays per term and is more like the equivalent of RBS Associates, Central School of Ballet Preps & Pre-Seniors, and so on.  There are no exams except annual assessments.  Like the other Associate schemes, CBA is designed to complement local training. 


If I remember rightly, TPA classes are more frequent, mostly follow the RAD and ISTD syllabi for dance and enter candidates for exams.  So although they are (slightly misleadingly) called Associates, TPA classes are like very good after-school and weekend classes at a local school.  


Hope that helps? 

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24 minutes ago, AdageKitty said:

That helps a lot, thank you Anna C!

Might you know whether any children from the TPA classes end up being successful for entry into the Junior Dance Course? I'm guessing the likelihood is much higher with CBAs.


It certainly seems that some do - if you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page it has some info:  https://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/tring-park-associates

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