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Interactive Website (Ballet I AM)-Calling for responses from over 18s


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Hello Everyone,


My name is Ash and I am a final year student, doing my final project on Ballet (and the accessibility of it). The project involves peoples stories and various media based formats looking to add to the accessibility of Ballet and draw light to the ownership of it (encompassed into an interactive website- coming soon).


Currently, we are looking to learn more about peoples ballets stories and their own journey with all. Thus am looking for participants.

If this interests you in any way then please email your responses to the following address:



We look forward to sharing our project with you all soon!

In the meantime why not give us a follow here to check out some exclusive content: [Instagram handle @ballet_iam]: Facebook Page: Ballet I AM


*We have also attached our official 'about us' page too.
Thank You
Happy Viewing and Sharing

Ash (University Student) & Denise (Co-Collaborators of 'Ballet I AM')

Ballet- I AM (By Ash and Denise) (1).pdf

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Hello BalletIAM and welcome.  I have moved your thread here to "Doing Dance" which is probably more appropriate.


May I just remind you of our Forum rules about Research:


"Contacting members for research 


We have a large constituency of dancers on the Forum so people may come here to find guinea pigs for their academic research. It is best that people seeking subjects should go through the dance schools so that bona fides can be checked, rather than soliciting help here.

Nonetheless, should you wish to post here, be aware that to take account of concerns about exploitation, particularly of children, we will remove postings unless it is made clear that it is over-18s who are being canvassed. If thinking of replying you should realise that we have no way of checking posters’ credentials and therefore advise caution before responding."


Could you clarify that you are asking for responses only from over-18s? 


Many thanks. 

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Hello Anna C,

Good afternoon


Thank you for making me aware of all. I understand. Would you like us to repost message by stating 'over 18's' etc. for re-circulation?


Thank You

Have a nice day


The Ballet I AM Team (Ash & Dance)

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