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Welcome Performances at the ROH

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Oooh just brimming over with joy. Never been able to afford decent seats at the ROH but I joined their Welcome Performances programme designed for families who have never been to ROH ie booked tickets with them (thank you Spanner for your advice ages ago) Today I got the Welcome email inviting me to book seats for The Royal Ballet's performance of Swan Lake on 6th October at 12 at the fantastic stalls price of 20 quid! I very quickly jumped on the phone and bagged my centre stalls seats for 4 people immediately.


I know some of you may have been to these so would be interested to get your view on them but for those of you who haven't done this and qualify, do go onto the website and click on the Families Welcome Performances link to register your interest and you will receive an invite (maybe not for this one - but then who knows).



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