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Cranko's Romeo & Juliet, Finnish National Ballet, 18.08.12

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For me, Romeo & Juliet is all about the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet. The principal dancers’ main job is to convince me that they are, in fact, Romeo and Juliet. Tiina Myllymäki (Juliet) and Jani Talo (Romeo) did just that.


Tiina made me believe that she was Juliet, a playful child who received her first party dress. I felt the infatuation between Tiina and Jani when they first saw each other at the ball. During the balcony pas de deux, I was convinced that Tiina and Jani were falling in love before my very eyes ... and that’s when the tears started rolling down my checks (I’m glad I brought my handkerchief). Then during the bedroom pas de deux, I was absolutely convinced that Tiina and Jani could not live without each other. {cue more tears}. And even though I know how the story ends, I was devastated when they took their own lives. As the cast took their bows, I found it difficult to clap and wipe my eyes at the same time. It was a beautiful spectacle to witness.


... and what a wonderful audience. Quiet and respectful throughout the entire performance. Everyone was seated on time. No excessive talking. No ringing phones. No photos. No food and drink issues. No head issues (a function of the theater’s seating). And everyone remained seated until the last bow was taken. A perfect audience in a perfect theater for a perfect performance by an outstanding ballet company.

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Oh, sorry. I intended to write it in the topic title. John Cranko.

I believe Finnish National Ballet uses the designs created for the National Ballet of Canada's last production of Cranko's Romeo (before it switched to Ratmansky's new version last autumn). Sets and costumes are by Susan Benson. Is that correct, Willie?

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Sets and costumes are by Susan Benson. Is that correct, Willie?

Let me look at my program ... let's see, here it is: Lavastus ja puvut (sets and costumes) - Susan Benson.


Thanks for that bit of information, Katherine!

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