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We Need More People to Donate - You Know it Makes Sense


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The BalletcoForum Committee would like to thank all of you who have thus far made a financial contribution to the running of the site and ensuring its continuation into the future. We have just made our first payment of the monthly bill out of your donations.


Until now about an eighth of our 800 registered members have contributed, which means that seven eighths have not (!), so with that in mind I'm posting this up to ask those of you who value the site and have not yet made a donation to please consider doing so.


The more donations we can raise now, the longer it will be before we have to ask again and, with more people donating, we might be able to lower the suggested amount in future.


Donating is easy....please click on the link below for more details, or see the relevant section on the BalletcoForum's home page.



With many thanks from all of us to all of you.



Simonetta (Sim) Dixon

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