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WANTED - 2 tickets - RB Giselle 9/3/2018 (and yes, I'm back for a bit!)

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Hello friends! I'll be based in the UK for the next 6 months with my family (!), and am just now trying to figure out RB tickets for when we can escape Ox. Looking for 2 on 9 March, which I know might be a pipe dream, but one must try!


Good sight lines only requirement... oh, and actual seats, not standing room.


Hope to see many of you!


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Welcome back, Ami!  Do you know about the new Friday Rush tickets?  They're sold online from 1 pm on Fridays for the next week's run of performances, replacing the old day seats.  In the meantime, I'd just keep a close eye on the relevant booking page on the website - you may well be lucky.


Oh, and you might have some difficulty finding your way around the ROH: they've redeveloped it over the last couple of years, and the amphi terrace is currently out of bounds :(

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