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Adult Ballet Classes


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Hi, I'm Jo and new here.


Basically, I'm 22 and it's been a lifelong dream of mine to take up Ballet, and after getting married this year I feel that I should be fulfilling some of my dreams, but I'm unsure about where to start.


How do I go about finding a ballet class for adults? I've looked at one ballet school that only does adult classes during the day (I work full time) but I can't find details about other dance schools online, and I'm unsure where to look. Does anyone on here know anywhere in West Cornwall that does adult classes, or have any tips about finding a class?


Thanks in advance,


Jo x

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Hi Jo, welcome to the forum!


Wish I would help but I live in London where we are spoilt for choice. Good luck with finding a class! I would suggest just getting hold of your local Yellow Pages and ringing the ballet/dance schools and asking if they do adult classes even if they're not advertised. YMCAs, gyms, yoga studios may host adult ballet classes.


Hope you find something and good luck on making your ballet dreams a reality!

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