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RAD vocational classes Crewe area

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Hi we are coming to the UK on holiday at the beginning of January for 3 weeks. My 13 year old daughter is advanced foundation RAD. We would love her to be able to attend some classes/and open classes if possible. We will be staying in Crewe but will have a rental car. Can anyone help with suggestions of dance schools where she may be able to attend that have vocational levels? Thanks

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My dd attends Laura Wilson school of dance in Holmes Chapel which is about 20mins from Crewe. A lovely friendly school and Laura is very accommodating and offers a RAD advanced foundation class. She also offers an open

pointe class’  If you wanted something in central Crewe, I know of Yvonne school of dancing but don’t know of anyone who goes there who I could ask. If you need any further info on LWSD just ask. 

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