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Picturehouse membership deal- today only


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The Picturehouse cinema is doing a Black Friday deal today- 40% off their membership for the year, it ends at midnight.  


I thought it would be of interest as you get £5 discount (for the standard adult tickets) on the ballet screenings (Royal Ballet and Bolshoi). I think you probably get a £5 discount on opera as well but I’ve not been to a screening. You also get a few free cinema tickets but you unfortunately can’t use them for ballet. Still it is a good deal if Picturehouse is your local...

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Yes, the live relays are premium events, unfortunately.  I have a lovely collection of free tickets sitting on my membership card, but haven't used any of them because the Picturehouses are so far away that I only ever really use them for the premium events.  But the discount on the live screenings are certainly worth having.


Oh, and I have a feeling the membership charge may vary depending on which cinema you use (and I'm not talking about Central) ...

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I think that all the London branches apart from Central are the same price, but they have a few outside London which are a bit cheaper.


That's a shame, mine is luckily just 20 minute bus ride so very handy.  I think they should let you use the free tickets towards the price of a Screen Arts one considering even with the £5 discount they're not exactly cheap!  Although I'm not really sure how many people would be bothered...

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