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Zenaida Yanowsky - Will Tuckett's "Elizabeth"

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Apologies for reviving such an old thread, but is it news that Will Tuckett's Elizabeth will be on at the Barbican from 16-19 May? It's in the ROH Spring Magazine but it's the first I've heard of it I think. (I can't see anything on the ROH website.)


There's no casting information given, in case anyone is wondering.

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Just now, Sim said:

It's certainly news to me!   I wonder if Zen will do it?


When she talked to the Ballet Association before her retirement she said that she really wanted to do it again, and to take it to new venues which had apparently been the idea from the outset for the piece. So I think she must be doing it. Whether Acosta will be able to do it again I don't know.

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