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Rambert Pre Vocational Course 17/18

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Hi, this is my first post here :) I've looked over the forum but cant find any mention of it but my daughter in September is starting Rambert's Pre-Vocational Course and I was just wondering if there was anyone else who was going and if anyone on the forum is, where your all from :) We are in South Yorkshire.



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Hello and welcome Michshell.  No experience of the Rambert pre-vocational course but my dd has done a taster day at the school and loved it. The studios are great too. Hope your dd enjoys the course.

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Hi, thank you :) yeah it is the first year they are offering it. From the info we've got so far it looks fab and my dd is extremely excited to start in September. A big commitment for her each week due to the amount of travelling involved but I think the experience and expertise she will get will be worth it. Once she starts I will let you know how she's getting on pas de quatre... I know her her first performance as part of the course is in December and they do the first dance before taking a seat in the audience to watch the full time students which we are looking forward to as well :) 


thank you for your replies 

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