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Mikhailovsky London Coliseum March 2013

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I can't see that this has already been posted, via Dansomanie on Twitter is this report in Ria.ru on 26th July in Russian - google translated.


"In late March, the ballet troupe will travel to London to present at the theater "Colosseum" "Don Quixote", "Swan Lake" and "versatility. Forms of silence and emptiness," and one-act ballets staged by Duato."

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We saw it a couple of years ago, so there will be reviews on the original Ballet.co site somewhere. I don't have good memories of it, but that may have been largely down to Siegfried. I'll probably give the Duato a miss, though.

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We saw it two years ago too, on the night Tamara Rojo danced Odette/Odile. It was a memorable performance and a spectacular production. But is this going to be the same one or a reworking by Duato?


The Swan Lake they have listed on their website for performances in Russia this coming season is given as:

Choreography: Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Alexander Gorsky, Asaf Messerer

Revised by Mikhail Messerer


Duato is doing a new R&J premiering there in December so I doubt he'll have time to tinker with Swan Lake.

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Oh how wonderful I've been waiting for Mikhailovsky's Don Q to come here for ages and now we have the prospect of Natalia & Ivan as well - I think I've died and gone to heaven. Hurrah!

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The Coliseum is saying that the Mikhailovsky Ballet Company will be performing from 26th March to 7th April 2013 with programmes which (as reported here previously) are thought to include Swan Lake.


As we already had a thread going on this, I've merged the new thread with it.

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