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The Lowry CAT End of Year Performance 2017

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I was at the Lowry last night to see one of the 2 EOY CAT shows.  Both shows featured a piece by the graduating students and a major piece for (I think) the whole CAT student body.


On Saturday evening the show started with some guest performances.  The first presentation was by a group of Royal Ballet School Primary Steps students from Blackpool.  Primary Steps is aimed at 7-11 year olds.  The piece was called Flotsam and Jetsam and it was a delight to watch the enjoyment and commitment of all the youngsters on stage.


Next we were treated to a guest performance by a dancer from the Yuva Gati CAT (South Asian dance).  It was a wonderful solo dance.


Then a Lowry CAT alum presented a solo.  Reading the description I think it must have been HUE(MAN).  I found it enjoyable.


The CAT Graduate group performed Resolve - the last piece before the interval.  The dancers were in costumes that looked like football or rugby shirts and shorts or leggings - all with striped knee length socks.  It was very good fun and I loved the ingenious use of the socks!  Again one of the things that delighted was the absolute commitment and enjoyment of all eight dancers in the performance.


The main work of the evening, coming in at a substantial 45-50 minutes, was The Birth of Destruction for around 50 dancers.  It was a collaboration with the Akram Khan Company although it was only the CAT students performing.


What can I say ... it was utterly magnificent.  The dancers were dressed in costumes that either looked shalwar kameez style or loose fitting pants and tops.  The piece started with all the students interlinked and swaying, slightly reminiscent in style of that section of ENB's Dust but in a swarm rather than a line.  From that moment I was swept away but the movements that were mostly for smaller groups of dancers.  The music was very rhythmical and really fitted the movements.  I thought I could see elements of classical Indian dance melded into the contemporary style.  It was entrancing, enthralling and compelling to watch.  The whole company deserved the roars of acclaim at the end.


I came out from the performance on a real high and I would like to congratulate all the Lowry CAT students on their achievements.  I can't wait for next year's show now!

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