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Press Release: Space for Everyone, new collaboration from Boiler Room, English National Ballet, and the Victoria & Albert Museum

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Space for Everyone, new collaboration from Boiler Room, English National Ballet, and the Victoria & Albert Museum



Space For Everyone, an unprecedented collaboration between the online music broadcaster, world class ballet institution and the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. Featuring original music by Overmono.
Space for Everyone’ is a brand new 5-minute work made by Boiler Room in collaboration with English National Ballet and the Victoria & Albert Museum. The video, directed by Martina Piazza features sublime sequential shots following two dancers as they explore the empty spaces within the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum.
Shot overnight in the museum, the video features English National Ballet dancers Connie Vowles and William Beagley, with choreography by George Williamson. The final film and a live performance of the piece was premiered on Friday 30th June at the Boiler Room x V&A - Friday Late event which attracted over 6k people into the museum throughout the duration of the evening. All music is original, created by Overmono - the XL Recordings electronic act comprised of brothers Tessela and Truss.
The video is available to stream here: https://youtu.be/7fK1mJBAbXs and on the Boiler Room website: https://boilerroom.tv/recording/space-for-everyone/
Boiler Room’s Raj Chaudhuri: “A year in the making (at least). Ideas have been discussed and thrown around between Overmono, English National Ballet and us for a long time. When Boiler Room was asked to curate a V&A Friday Late, we knew that we had found the perfect collaborator, venue and event to actually realise this idea.
The project’s choreographer, George Williamson: “Collaborating with English National Ballet, Boiler Room and the V&A on this short film has been an incredible experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with new audiences beyond the stage, and show ballet in a unique and exciting way.
Overmono: “Our process involved looping sections of ballet sourced from YouTube, on a second screen in the studio in order to see how the music would work with physical movement. We had total freedom of tempos and time signatures in order to write in a non linear form. The performance at the V&A was the first time we were able to see the finished piece; and it was amazing to see the English National Ballet’s interpretation of our music”.
Notes to Editors 
Space For Everyone
A Boiler Room film made in collaboration with English National Ballet and V&A 
Director: Martina Piazza 
Dancers: Connie Vowles & William Beagley 
Choreographer: George Williamson 
Music: Overmono (Ed Russell / Tom Rusell)
Producer: Ramone Anderson
Director of Photography: Giacomo La Monaca 
Editor: Xiao-Wei Lu
Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat 
Boiler Room Head of Film: Joe Alexander 
Boiler Room Head of Partnerships: Liv Stones 
Boiler Room Head of Music: Raj Chaudhuri 
Production Manager: Nyah Clarke 
Production Coordinator: Elspeth Vince 
V&A Friday Late Team: Bethan Johnson, Catherine Cowlam 
Steadycam Operator: Luke Oliver
1st AC Focus Puller 1: Jack Hayter
1st AC Focus Puller 2: Daniel Svilenov 
2nd AC: Anna Bouwman 
Spark: Simon Fielding 
Hair & Makeup: Michaela Selway 
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