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Body screening for Dancers

Pas de Quatre

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While I recommend the physiotherapist screening, and the body composition screening this can be carried out by a doctor or any 1/2 decent physiotherapist, dance or not.


A lot of the other tests that are done at this screening won't tell you much as a one off test, particularly if you're looking at entering ballet schools, because they are really designed to be done as part of a repeated screening programme to allow comparisons ie pre-entry, after 6 months, after each academic year or in a company, pre-season/min-season etc.


Any comparisons from a one off screen of functional elements like strength, power, fitness can be made with other dancers of a similar age, or dance style (to provide an 'average' or what is known as the 'norm') but I'd recommend caution here unless one knows exactly how many dancers' results make up the 'average' to which you're being compared to - the higher the number is the more reliable it is. Also, I imagine that the 'normal' values will be based on contemporary dancers either from Laban centre or from any of the CAT schemes that Laban have been testing over the last few years (I don't know if they've tested the dancers at the CAT at Northern Ballet).


Finally - if you look at the DVD packages that they offer there is a ballet-specific fitness test - I designed, choreographed and tested this as part of my PhD :)

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If we were to run a session or two in Birmingham to maybe do screenings for body composition, flexibility, turnout, functional strength, endurance etc how many people would be interested?

Would you advise this screening test Drdance for year 6 DC going to audition for year 7 entry into vocational schools.

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