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Audition photo advice


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Hello. I'd be grateful for any advice on an audition photo for my dd. I would wait til after summer to do this with her teacher but I'm keen not to miss the boat like I did on most things last year (ENB spring course). One of the photos is first arabesque en l'air and we're not sure if this should be on a flat foot or demi-pointe? Assume not pointe as its only inter foundation level. Any advice or links to good photos appreciated! Many thanks

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I agree with dancemad, could you not ask your DD's teacher to help you with them, even if it is out of class time? Or at least take a few in each of the positions required and email them to the ballet teacher so she can help with choosing the best ones/advise you on improving them? X

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Hi Tuite,

I agree with Lula-belle,

see if your daughters teacher would supervise ,when my dd did a audition work shop with ENB they said audition photos were important ,don't do them in your living room and get a teacher to get your child into position . I am sure her teacher would be more than happy to help . good luck

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