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Comedy of Errors - Knaresborough Castle

Jan McNulty

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My friend and I had a wonderful evening amongst the magical ruins of Knaresborough Castle. The Theatre of the Dales Company were presenting Comedy of Errors.


With just a very simple set and a gorgeous location the company put on a terrific production; it was absolutely HILARIOUS! The actors made the most of the slapstick elements of this play and equally the realisation of the reunification of the whole family was very moving.


The actors never even missed a word when the heavens opened and we were treated to a 10 minute downpour! Thank goodness we are all used to the awful British summer!


Highly recommended.


Here's a link to their website: http://theatreofthedales.co.uk/

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So wish I'd known about this -my parents live in Knaresborough. It's the kind of beautiful small town that one longs to escape from when young but whose charm increases with every passing year. My 9 year old is currently staying up there with them and he is going through a bit of a Shakespeare craze at the moment so he would have loved this, will see if they can chase the production through the Dales over the weekend maybe.

I am most envious of your theatrical travels Janet!

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I love Knaresborough. I am lucky to have a very good friend who lives there and often stay with her when I am following NB around Yorkshire. I am going to buy a house there when I win a lottery jackpot!


The castle itself has the most fascinating history. Potted facts:


The four knights who murdered Thomas Beckett holed up there for around a year after the murder as one of them was the maraschel at the time.

Piers Gaveston was the first maraschel of the "current" incarnation of the castle that had been commissioned by Edward I.

My friend's neighbour's house is built from stones taken from the castle when it was dismantled at the end of the siege in the Civil War.

Knaresborough Castle and environs is part of the Duchy of Lancaster!

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I also want a house there when I win the lottery! My best friend and my brother and sister in law have just moved back there so I have extra reasons to go back more frequently. Christopher Gable's was my hero growing up-when I saw him and Lynn Seymour in A Simple Man as a teenager I fell in love with ballet all over again.

Love the history of your friend's house Janet.

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