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Music ideas for a ballet/character trio entitled Electricity


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I'm looking for help with music ideas for a classical festival trio entitled Electricity. I'm struggling to find anything that I like or anything that is suitable. 

The music needs to be of a classical style with no vocals. 

Hoping someone can help!

Thank you

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Hello Nicci and welcome to the Forum!


I can't think of anything in classical "style" but I wondered if one of the sections of Steve Reich's "Drumming" album may be suitable.  Or perhaps, thinking about it, Mars from The Planets?


How classical does the music need to be?

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Thank you for your suggestions! I've had a quick listen to them all and they are 'classical' enough for what I need. 


Glissade- I did find the four seasons one and liked that, I think it was summer. However it's very well known, so wasn't 100%. 


The planets suggestion sounds quite good Jan and legseleven! I will have to look a little further into that. 


Thank you again

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