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Wanted/selling: Ashton bill downgrades/swaps, ticket for sale

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As it looks as though I'm only going to be able to watch the 8th and 10th June performances of the RB's Ashton triple bill in dribs and drabs at most (if at all), I'd like to downgrade my tickets if possible to something cheaper, but with a reasonable view.  I'd be happy to do a part exchange if that's a possibility, or else I can put my own tickets back on sale.  You'd need to bear in mind, however, that I probably wouldn't be able to make the beginning of the performance to pick up the ticket, so it might need to be left at the box office for collection, or alternatively an e-ticket would be useful.


What I'm looking to exchange is (one or both of):

8th: A £12 side amphi ticket - less worried about this one, as the price differential between that and standing isn't large.

10th: A £20 front-mid amphi ticket


Separately from the above, I also have going spare for the 10th a £20 amphi right row M ticket (which I haven't noted in my diary, so can't tell you exactly which one).


All my tickets are e-tickets.  If you're interested in/able to help with any of these please do send me a private message, but don't expect an answer today as I'm up to my eyeballs with work.

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Okay, I'm sorted with a downgrade for the last night now - and doubt I'll make tonight's - so that does leave both my £20 and £12 tickets respectively to get rid of.  I'll return today's to the box office later if there are no takers:



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