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Tamara Rojo bids farewell as a Royal Ballet dancer

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This was Tamara's last performance as a member of the company before becoming ENB's Artistic Director. We WILL see her guest at ROH though, thank goodness!




Tamara Rojo after her last Royal Ballet performance, as a company member

© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr



Tamara Rojo gets the ultimate accolade from Carlos Acosta

© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr



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Set on Flickr - Au revoir, Tamara

Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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They weren't!

Oh Dear! That is what I was afraid of. Tamara must have worn some beautiful and elegant costumes during her time with RB. What a shame the last costume should be so unflattering. The same goes for those for the rest of the cast and they all form the background to both farewells


I am very sad to see them both go but I wish them both luck and happiness in the future

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Don't get me started on the subject of unflattering costumes! I've already had a rant on the Ballet Preljocaj thread in the Performances Seen section of the forum. Most of the costumes in the triple bill were unattractive IMO. You've seen the Machina costumes. The crescent moon patterned leotards in Trespass seemed to be too tight and the pattern did not come across well from a distance. The costumes in D&A were a mish-mash of colours and styles and the frilled leotards worn by the nymphs were particularly unattractive.


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In all fairness, I think the costume looked better in performance than it does in ... repose, shall we say. If you're able to get to the National Gallery exhibition, you can see a copy there.


And Dave, I love Carlos' "ultimate accolade" - which I totally missed spotting. Looks just like what on various bulletin boards comes up as a :not worthy: smiley, although I don't think it'll work here.

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