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Various matinee tickets for sale

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Due to health problems I am selling the following tickets;

Ghost dances, Rambert at Sadler's Wells

18/05/17 at 1:30pm. This is a schools matinee, shorter programme. Stalls K 33


The dream triple bill RB. 03/06/17 at 12:30 pm. Stalls circle C94  bench seat with restricted view. £27.00.

Don Quixote, Mariinsky 05/08/17 at 2:00pm. Stalls circle C99 bench seat with restricted view. £20.00.

La Bayadere, Mariinsky 12/08/17 at 2:00pm. Stalls circle C92 bench seat with restricted view. £48.00.

I will send tickets by first class post on receipt of payment.

If interested please send a private message.

Thank you, Susan

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That's very kind of you Sim.

Thank you. It is a problem I have had for a long time but seems to be getting worse. It makes travel difficult but is not life threatening.


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Sorry to hear of your ill health too just glad it's not life threatening.

unfortunately I'm not usually that keen on restricted view though am happy to stand

Do you know how restricted the Bayadere ticket is?

Many thanks 

Linda x

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Thank you, Linda. I have sat in that seat before & from what I remember you only really miss a bit of the stage at the side. Also, there is no problem, usually, from people's  heads in the way as the rake is good. I also like to be close to the dancers, although you can't see all the patterns they make.

Hope that helps.


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