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Occasional Dance Links - Features, Previews, Reviews, etc

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A place for links to (hopefully) interesting articles, reviews and the like from across the global English-language press - but deliberately less comprehensive (and rather later in the day) than the "Today's Links" of old. Others are allowed to participate.........

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Review: Paris Opera Ballet - "Onegin"

Canadian Outsider Dazzles As Onegin

by Patricia Boccadoro

"Physically, they were right together, McKie’s lithe, powerful frame contrasting with Dupont’s slight, delicate body, all poise, womanliness and shining movements. The chemistry passed between the two of them…."



Film Review: "Balanchine in Paris"

by Patricia Boccadoro

"… a loving demonstration of how he maintained close ties with the Paris Opera Ballet throughout his life, returning regularly for Ravel and Stravinsky ‘festivals’ and to stage the danced sections of the operas Orfeo and Eurydice and Faust. "



Review: NYCB - Balanchine and Robbins Programme

Three Stars Flaunting Their Styles: Flirty, Serene and Mysterious

by Gia Kourlas

"For such dancers who last, ballet is a living picture: each performance takes on a different shade of color, of intensity, of alertness."

NY Times



2 Reviews: "Men in Motion"at Sadler's Wells:


The media storm around one of its dancers doesn't stop this tribute to male movement from leaping with playful charm

by Judith Mackrell

"This is a slender evening but it's also one of real intelligence and surprising moments of passion. And it makes a pretty wonderful case for the male dancer."



Men in emotion a more apt title as Royal Ballet star escapee takes his first steps off the leash

by Ismene Brown

"… essentially the dance numbers are five variants on being all by yourself in the moonlight and not, to be honest, dashing about in the thrilling way that ballet chaps usually tend to do."

Arts Desk

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Thank you very much, Ian. And yes, please, people, do post if you find anything of interest (you can just cut and paste a link in - the site will abbreviate it without you having to do any formatting, unlike the old forum. There's no point in us all "reinventing the wheel" individually every time something comes up.


(Edit: and personally, I'm happy for people to alert us to anything of particular interest in The Times - and anything else locked behind a paywall, for that matter)

Edited by alison
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A contribution, with a personal confession, to the "Is Ballet Dead?" debate:

Feature: Mark Morris and Alexei Ratmansky

Two Reasons The Patient Is Still Kicking

by Alastair Macaulay

"Today Mr. Morris and Mr. Ratmansky are the most important choreographers under 70…..Both are clever and prolific, with gifts for comedy and poetry, an intense awareness of historical precedent and a modern feeling for the sexes..."

NY Times


2 Reviews: "Men in Motion" at Sadler's Wells


Sergei Polunin is a man in motion

byLouise Levene

"Even if the Russian visitors had danced, I doubt they could have outshone Daniel Proietto whose mesmerising performance of Russell Maliphant's Afterlight was a welcome reminder that ballet does not have a monopoly on physical virtuosity"



Runaway Polunin bounds all too briefly into boys-only pop-up

by Jenny Gilbert

"But technical polish is nothing without good material. And that was in short supply in this peculiar venture. Of Putrov's own foray into choreography, a trio which seemed to be about a man who can't decide if he's gay or straight, the least said, the better."



Review: "Draft Works" - Choreography by RB Dancers and others

by Luke Jennings

" Given that seven of the choreographers are company dancers, there's an unsurprising tilt in favour of classically derived work, but this doesn't mean a shortage of original ideas."



Interview: Jorden Morris on Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Moulin Rouge"

by Molly Glentzer

"Now there's lots of nudity and girls with snakes at the Moulin Rouge, but there wasn't in the 1880s. We keep it in context. Translating the cancan to pointe shoes was a big challenge."

Houston Chronicle


Interview: Actor Tom Skeritt on being Don Q for Pacific Northwest Ballet

Ballet is a 'wonderful challenge'

by Moira Macdonald

" He knew that Ratmansky preferred to have actors, rather than dancers, play the roles of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza."

Seattle Times


If you remember when/things were really hummin':

Chubby Checker awaits reward for life of twists

by Joel Selvin

"The 70-year-old creator of the twist, the greatest dance sensation in history, doesn't feel the respect he thinks he deserves."

SF Chronicle

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Some more links to ease the withdrawal symptoms! (Whether we should continue with this depends on the response.)



An Evening of Wheeldon at NYCB: Marina Harss, The Faster Times


NYCB in a Balanchine and Robbins Program: Gia Kourlas, NY Times


Wheeldon’s new Les Carillons for NYCB: Brian Seibert, NY Times


Mark Morris's L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato in Washington: Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post


3-D or not 3-D – Wim Wenders’ Pina: Lewis Segal, LA Times


Bill T. Jones and John Cage: Deborah Jowitt, The Arts Journal


Rudi van Dantzig obituary: Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times


Film review, Dominique Delouche’s Balanchine in Paris: Patricia Boccadoro, CultureKiosque


Onegin at S.F. Ballet: Mary Ellen Hunt, San Francisco Chronicle


Onegin at Paris Opera Ballet: Patricia Boccadoro, CultureKiosque


Johan Kobborg’s Salute for Sarasota Ballet: Carrie Seidman, Arts Sarasota

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Some more links to ease the withdrawal symptoms! (Whether we should continue with this depends on the response.)


What response would you like, John? Do we need to beg? :)


Anyway, to add to the selection, here's the Evening Standard on Men in Motion: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/theatre/review-24031935-men-in-motion-sadlers-wells---review.do (sorry - haven't learned to prettify these yet)

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John and Ian, I am incredibly grateful and humble that you continue to provide us with links for our delectation. I haven't found any to add in yet but if I do I will.


Thanks again to you both and to anyone else who chips in.

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> What response would you like, John? Do we need to beg?


Alison, grovelling and begging always go down well!


As I'm sure you know, we were usually spending up to 3 hours a day garnering links under the old system. That was not really supportable any longer. If it's possible to snag the most important links in not more than 30 minutes each day then it might be worth carrying on just so long as people are interested in reading them (I am!). And at 30 minutes a day perhaps others might be more willing to join in and share the load. The biggest loss is the database and all the detail that holds, but extracting quotes and entering the data was one of the time-consuming elements.


If this site survives (still a big if) then I would hope that some sort of links collation might be included, though it would not be as thorough as in the past.

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I note that there have been 150 "views" of this thread since late last night, which suggests to me a fairly healthy level of interest. What that statistic does not illuminate is anything on the degree to which viewers have used the 11 links John has provided.


I am about to start a thread in the Future Possibilities area at the top of the site frontpage that will try to explore this issue more fully, and I would urge users who might not normally post to go there and help us understand how useful this area of content would be to the community if it is continued in some way.

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News & Reviews links – Tuesday January 31, 2012



Wheeldon’s happy homecoming to NYCB: Jocelyn Noveck, San Francisco Chronicle


Discursive piece on the Wheeldon triple bill: Tobi Tobias, Arts Journal


Christopher Wheeldon triple bill at NYCB (Jennie Somogyi injured): Leigh Witchel, New York Post


Jennie Somogyi’s injury: Daniel J. Wakin, New York Times


Liam Scarlett’s Viscera for Miami City Ballet: Alastair Macaulay, NY Times


Ivan Putrov’s Men in Motion at Sadler’s Wells: Clement Crisp, Financial Times; Clifford Bishop, Evening Standard; Zoe Anderson, The Independent; Laura Thompson, Telegraph


What is black dance? Interview with Ishmael Houston-Jones: Gia Kourlas Time Out NY


Obituary of Paul DeMasson, Australian dancer: Fiona Tonkin, The Australian


Bolshoi Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, Moscow: Raymond Stults, Moscow Times

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Review: Royal Ballet “The Dream/Song of the Earth” Ismene Brown

Arts Desk


Review: San Francisco Ballet “Onegin” Geri Jeter California Literary Review


Review: NYCB Balanchine/Robbins programme Claudia La Rocco NY Times


Review: NYCB All-Wheeldon Programme Robert Johnson NJ Star-Ledger


Review: ABT Mixed Bill Sarah Kaufman Washington Post


Review: “Men in Motion” Gerald Dowler Classical Source


Preview: Russell Maliphant “The Rodin Project” Judith Mackrell Guardian

+ slideshow companion piece Guardian


New York: Dance on Camera Festival Robert Johnson NJ Star-Ledger


Video + Article: Move Tube – Josephine Baker Judith Mackrell Guardian


Reviews: “Midnight Tango”


Clement Crisp Financial Times

Laura Thompson Telegraph

Clifford Bishop Evening Standard

Zoe Anderson Independent

Neil Norman Express


Reviews: Jin Xing “Shanghai Tango”


AlastairMacaulay NY Times

Leigh Witchel NY Post

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Royal Ballet : “The Dream & Song of the Earth” Zoë Anderson Independent

Judith Mackrell Guardian Clifford Bishop Evening Standard


NYCB: Balanchine/Robbins Programme Claudia La Rocco NY Times


San Francisco Ballet: “Onegin” Paul Parish Bay Area Guardian


Scottish Ballet : “Sleeping Beauty” Sean Watson Edinburgh Journal


Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: Mixed Bill Laura Capelle Financial Times



Interview: Akram Khan Roslyn Sulcas NY Times


“Pina” reaches Washington DC Sarah Kaufman Washington Post


Dance in Movies: “Pina” and others Marina Harss Faster Times


Chunky Move’s New AD, Anouk van Dijk Philippa Hawker Sydney Morning Herald



Bolshoi Ballet Academy to see first U.S. graduate. Chicago Tribune


Australian Ballet: Couple vie for ballet's top gong! The Australian

Edited by Ian Macmillan
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I picked up a couple of articles from the Yorkshire Post. Sorry I haven't worked out how to neaten the links:






We were lucky enough to see Kenneth Tindall's Project#1 at Northern Ballet's choreographic show last year and it's super. Here are details of the mixed programme:



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The Telegraph is clearly being very slow off the mark with regard to its review of the Dream/Song triple bill, but has at least got an obituary for Rudi van Dantzig online now: http://www.telegraph...an-Dantzig.html


There was a review in the hard copy Telegraph today but it's not online. It's by Laura Thompson and she gives it 4* . She described most of the cast of Dream as looking "vaguely shell-shocked" & McRae "seemed uncharcteristically overwhelmed by his spinning solos." Of Carlos and Tamara in Song she says "What true, intelligent artists these two are..." Hopefully it will appear online soon.

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There was a review in the hard copy Telegraph today but it's not online. It's by Laura Thompson and she gives it 4* . She described most of the cast of Dream as looking "vaguely shell-shocked" & McRae "seemed uncharcteristically overwhelmed by his spinning solos." Of Carlos and Tamara in Song she says "What true, intelligent artists these two are..." Hopefully it will appear online soon.


It's online now:


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