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Elmhurst Gala Night 10th July 2012

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It was Gala Night at Elmhurst School for dance last night. This is the Schools' main Annual Fundraiser and tickets are quite expensive, but it was a great night. It seems to be largely attended by Friends of Elmhurst and other financial sponsors, and I think afew parents. My son in law was very thrilled to see Dion Dublin there! Apparently he is a regular supporter of the School.

The evening started with a Reception with drinks and canapes. We actually missed the canapes as we had been held up in heavy traffic and driving rain on the M6, but arrived just in time for the Dedication of Studio 1 to Sir Peter Wright. Desmond Kelly and Sir Peter said afew words and a plaque was unveiled. There was also some musical entertainment from Mr.Robson and several pupils; and other pupils were on the Doors and indeed outside the building ( in the rain!) to welcome you as you arrived. Raffle Tickets were being sold - again quite expensive but with excellent prizes; including 2 tickets for the CBSO at the Symphony Hall which I was very thrilled to win! Other people won Vouchers for Harvey Nicholls, for Waitrose, Tickets for the cricket at Edgbaston and tickets for a BRB performance.

At 7.45pm we went into the Theatre. The programme was similar to the Summer Rendezvous Concert which has already been written up, but with the addition of a Tap Trio. I can't comment too much on the Tap Trio because it was choreographed and danced by my grandson so I am bound to be biased! But it was good to see yet another genre of Dance represented in the Show. I just wished the boys could have been given costumes which were a bit more "Hollywood". The other addition was a contribution from BRB Dancers and each year some of the Dancers seem to volunteer their services to the School. Last night we had Laura-Jane Gibson, James Barton ( both of whom trained at Elmhurst) and Jamie Bond dancing 2 excerpts from La Fille Mal Gardee, with the help of some of the older girls from Elmhurst.

The last performance was again Le Rendezvous which I thought was very well danced and then the wonderful Defile with all the pupils still smiling even though it was getting quite late for the youngest ones.

Mr. Kelly said afew words to close a very enjoyable evening. If you are reading this and have never been to Elmhursts' Gala night, it's well worth a visit next year. The School need the financial help and you will have a great evening!

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