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New English Ballet Theatre (NEBT) at The Peacock Theatre

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A new company, driven by Karen Pilkington-Miksa, featuring and nurturing new, young talent, in dancers, choreographers, designers, composers and musicians, convened at the Peacock Theatre recently, for a stellar mixed bill (which included a few guest stars, especially on the Thursday gala show).


Here are a couple of tasters:



New English Ballet Theatre, perform Jenna Lee's Classical Symphony'

© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr



New English Ballet Theatre (NEBT) in George Wiliamson's 'Threefold'

© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr



See more...

Set on Flickr - NEBT 'Synergies'

Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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I made it to the first night and can hopefully remember something from a week ago.


There were 4 premieres - Classical Symphony by Jenna Lee, Legends by Michael Corder, Threefold by George Williamson and Bright Young Things by Ernst Meisner. Ernst was also "Project Manager" and deserves much credit for helping bring together a full and balanced evening with some innovative back projections, excellent young musicians and much moving of a piano on stage.


Other choreographers were Kristen McNally (Lonesome Gun), Rebecca Wilson (Joy), Andrew McNichol (Le Carnival des Verites), Wayne Eagling (Resolution) and Samantha Raine (Sixes and Sevens).


Maybe everyone should wait a week before commenting but the things that stay in my mind are:


- Hayley Forskitt leading a troupe of female gun slingers to the themes from westerns; it needed someone tall and blond to do it and can she replace the diminutive Alan Ladd in old western please.


- the backdrop in Threefold which responded to the music and somehow added to the movement


- the childhood lunacies of "Joy" with a cornish background and famous five type costumes. Ideal to start the second half and not extended until it became boring.


- Resolution to Mahler songs is an awesome piece, sad and beautiful


- Ernst's own piece was also an energetic and fun party finish with lots of red and black design and red lines on the backdrop drawing a scenario.


But all the pieces were good and worth revisiting, even if a piano on stage is a bit of a groan for me - maybe the tightness of the Peacock bunker can't accommodate anything else but it is annoying when the dance goes behind the pianist.

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