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Birmingham Royal Ballet - Cinderella - Spring 2017 casting

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Casting for Southampton is now up:





25th January eve:  Momoko Hirata & Joseph Caley


26th January mat:  Delia Matthews & Tyrone Singleton


26th January eve:  Jenna Roberts and William Bracewell


27th January eve:  Momoko Hirata & Joseph Caley


28th January mat:  Jenna Roberts & William Bracewell


28th January eve:  Delia Matthews & Tyrone Singleton



As there are 2 weeks of performances in Birmingham I assume more casts may also be in the pipeline.

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And the official press release which lists all the other casts too, but not when they are dancing.  I will probably end up booking extra tickets!



Cinderella on Tour
4000 horses pull Cinders magical coach to five venues this winter A fleet of articulated lorries, harnessing the equivalent power of 4000 horses, is set to roll out of Birmingham this month as Birmingham Royal Ballet begins its UK tour of Cinderella on a scale comparable to any major rock band's road trip.

Broadcast by the BBC as the 2010 Christmas Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet's version of Cinderella won the Best Classical Choreography at the prestigious 2011 Critic's Circle National Dance Awards for David Bintley's elegant choreographic work.

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of Cinderella  premiered in 2010. It is a full-evening (2 1/2 hour) ballet in three acts closely following the traditional Cinderella story of the wicked stepmother, ugly sisters, the fairy Godmother and of course, the slipper.

The music is the complete original score by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev which premiered in 1945 at the Bolshoi in Moscow but the choreography, by Company Director David Bintley, was created for this version. The set and costume designs are by John F. Macfarlane who designed the Company’s famous, and hugely popular, version of The Nutcracker and the lighting is by David A. Finn, who also lit The Nutcracker.

In a break from the character portrayal in Cinderella that has dominated in recent years, David Bintley returned to the original idea of having ballerinas as the two sisters who are ‘ugly on the inside’, rather than being played by two men. He also added a short prologue showing Cinderella and father at her mother’s graveside. This also serves as the introduction of the wicked stepmother who comes to dominate the family.

John Macfarlane’s designs, originated in close collaboration with David Bintley, offer some true coups de theatre including a giant ticking clock and a beautiful carriage described by one critic as being ‘like spun sugar’.

With beautiful choreography and clear narrative the ballet offers ample opportunities for acting and comedy, particularly for the two sisters, Skinny and Dumpy. It also has great family appeal. Not only does it feature traditional ballerinas,  but also roles for dancing lizards, mice and a frog!

From its base in the heart of the city, Birmingham Royal Ballet takes its spectacular version of Cinderella around the country on a logistical scale comparable to any major rock tour.

Ten articulated lorries packed with scenery flats, props, lighting rigs, rails of costumes, flight cases of wigs and all the materials necessary to stage this beautiful ballet pound the motorways of Britain, taking the show to Southampton, Salford, Plymouth and Sunderland in addition to a two week run at Birmingham Hippodrome, the home venue of the Company.

At each venue the production must adapt its sets to work perfectly on a new and different sized stages and dancers must perform in up to a third less space, taxing the ingenuity and skill of over 50 backstage staff and nearly 40 dancers nightly and, at each venue, the production features the Royal Ballet Sinfonia bringing Prokofiev’s spiky, lush and romantic score to life. 

The precision is military, the result magical.

Each venue requires between two and three days for each build or ‘get in’ and following the final night of the production the technical crew work straight on through the night to break down and load up before leaving for the next venue on the tour.
  • 10 articulated lorry trailers in total  
  • 5 scenery trucks
  • 1 flooring truck
  • 3 lighting trucks
  • 1 costume truck 
  • 31 rails of costumes
  • 8 baskets of shoes
  • 78 wigs
  • 250 hair rollers
  • 1000 hair pins
  • 174 complete costumes
  • 20 fat suits
  • 44 tutus
  • 2 washing machines and dryers
  • 25 core technical staff
  • 20 venue staff
  • 64 orchestra musicians
  • 39 dancers
  • 64,688 seats over 27 nights and across 5 venues
Production credits: Music: Sergei Prokofiev; Choreography: David Binley
Production: David Bintley; Designs: John F. Macfarlane; Lighting: David A. Finn
Mayflower Theatre – Southampton
Wednesday 25 January - Saturday 28 January
25 & 27 January, 19.30
26 & 28 January, 14.00 and 19.30 
Additional Events:
First Steps: A Child's Cinderella 27 January 13.00
Pre-performance talk 27 January 18.30
Company class on stage 28 January 10.45
Audience open day 28 January 12.00

Birmingham Hippodrome – Birmingham
Wednesday 15 - Saturday 25 February
15, 17, 22, 24 February, 19.30
16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25 February, 14.30 and 19.30
Additional Events:
First Steps: A Child's Cinderella 17 February 13.00
Pre-performance talk 17 February 18.30
Touch tour & audio described performance 18 February 10.30
Company class on stage 18 February 11.15
Audience open day 18 February 12.30

The Lowry – Salford
Wednesday 1 - Saturday 4 March
1 & 3 March, 19.30
2 & 4 March, 14.00 and 19.30
Additional Events:
First Steps: A Child's Cinderella 3 March 13.00
Pre-performance talk 3 March 18.30
Company class on stage 4 March 10.45
Audience open day 4 March 12.00

 Theatre Royal – Plymouth
Wednesday 8 - Saturday 11 March
8 & 10 March, 19.30
9 & 11 March, 14.00 and 19.30
Additional Events:
First Steps: A Child's Cinderella 10 March 13.00
Pre-performance talk 10 March 18.30
Company class on stage 11 March 11.15
Audience open day 11 March 12.30

 Sunderland Empire – Sunderland
Thursday 16 March - Saturday 18 March
16 March, 19.30
17 March, 14.00 and 19.30
18 March, 14.00
Additional Events:
Pre-performance talk 17 March 18.30
Company class on stage 18 March 10.45

Cinderella - Momoko Hirata, Nao Sakuma, Delia Mathews, Maureya Lebowitz, Yaoqian Shang, Miki Mizutani, Jenna Roberts
Prince – Joseph Caley, Chi Cao, Mathias Dingman, César Morales, Tyrone Singleton, William Bracewell
Skinny – Delia Matthews, Celine Gittens, Samara Downs, Alys Shee
Dumpy - Laura Purkiss, Jade Heusen, Ruth Brill, Laura Day
Stepmother – Marion Tait, Laura Purkiss, Daria Stanciulescu, Samara Downs
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Casting is up for the first week of Birmingham:





15 February eve:  Momoko Hirata/Joe Caley


16 February mat:  Maureya Lebowitz/Mathias Dingman


16 February eve:  Miki Mizutani/Cesar Morales


17 February eve:  Delia Matthews/Tyrone Singleton


18 February mat:  Momoko Hirata/Joe Caley


18 February eve:  Jenna Roberts/William Bracewell



I'm very happy with the 2 casts I am seeing this week but so wish I could see all of them!

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Casting for the second week of Cinderella in Birmingham has been announced:




21 Feb mat : Delia Mathews/Tyrone Singleton


21 Feb eve: Jenna Roberts/William Bracewell


22 Feb eve: Miki Mizutani/Cesar Morales


23 Feb mat: Nao Sakuma/Chi Cao


23 Feb eve: Delia Mathews/Tyrone Singleton


24 Feb eve: Momoko Hirata/Joseph Caley


25 Feb mat: Maureya Lebowitz/Mathias Dingman


25 Feb eve: Jenna Roberts/William Bracewell


I think you're in luck Two Pigeons!

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Salford casting:


Wednesday 1st March eve:  Jenna Roberts/William Bracewell


Thursday 2nd March mat:  Nao Sakuma/Chi Cao


Thursday 2nd March eve:  Miki Mizutani/Cesar Morales


Friday 3rd March eve:  Momoko Hirata/Joseph Caley


Saturday 4th March mat:  Yaoqian Shang/Yasuo Atsuji


Saturday 4th March eve:  Delia Matthews/Tyrone Singleton

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