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Lord Snowdon RIP


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The death of Lord Snowden has just been announced.  Although his photos covered all aspects of the theatrical/celebrity scene, when he caught dancers in his lens something magical happened, he could capture a moment of emotion in a way few others could.  Those that remember his pictures of Fonteyn and Nureyev in Swan Lake that he took in Vienna in the mid 60's will know exactly what I mean.  I have a Bolshoi poster from the Paris Opera of Alla Mikhailchenko and Alexander Vetrov on my bedroom wall so am reminded of his genius on a daily basis.


Lord Snowden was also an effective campaigner for disabled rights throughout his life.  I sincerely hope he won't just be remembered as a one time royal, he was very much more than that.

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Anthony Armstrong Jones went to Cambridge with my father.  


They were friends.  


I remember he had a lovely smile and warm laugh.  


They both did in fact.  


I remember once seeing my parent's guest book in my mother's ancestral home after he - Lord SNOWDON that is - and his wife had come to visit.   


There was this little squiggle high up on the page.  


That was HIS signature.  


It was tiny.  


The scrawled 'MARGARET' encompassed the remainder of the leaf.


I pursed my lips on seeing it.


I felt guilty for wanting to laugh.  


I would have been six or seven. 


As an adult I did of course.


Chortle that is.


i still do.  


Lord Snowdon had a VERY warm laugh. 


He also had a keen wit.


May it - and HE - RIP.  

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I remember watching their wedding in 1960, and also the controversy that was whipped up in the tabloids when he was hired by the Sunday Times magazine and some rather ungracious sniping about both the Snowdon aviary and his work for the Prince of Wales's investiture. In terms of being a non-royal marrying into the royal family, he was the trailblazer far more than Diana.

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