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The reason I have posted this as a single thread rather than added it to an existing one, is to raise its profile due to its closing date and numbers reapplying.


I have just re-booked this series of classes for the next term restarting on Sunday the 5th Feb, and the numbers are looking painfully low, consequently I am concerned that ultimately they may be withdrawn from RAD at Elmhurst.


Follow the link for details and booking https://www.rad.org.uk/events/adult-associate-classes-1

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Hope they don't close Michelle if I lived near Birmingham would love to do such classes though I suppose Sunday's may be difficult for people with families as it's often the only day in the week can be altogether!!


But it's a big catchment area so hopefully there will be enough takers!

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Hi Linn,
They won’t close RAD Adult Associates at Elmhurst now they have healthy numbers.

I see they are also doing RAD Adult Associates at the Northern Ballet Studios at Quarry Hill in Leeds, unfortunately there are only two sessions this next term 28th Feb and 30th April.
Also the requirements are not related to RAD grades as with Elmhurst, this is how Leeds is describes them:

“Choose from one of four levels...
Focus on Technique & Body Conditioning: suitable for all, general level, can be combined with any one of the other three classes.

Improvers 1: suitable for those with up to 3 years experience.
Improvers 2: suitable for those with over 3 years experience.

Intermediate: suitable for those dancing at Intermediate level and beyond, no formal qualifications required

10.00–11.15am: Improvers 1
11.30am–12.45pm: Focus on Technique & Body Conditioning
1.30–3.00pm: Improvers 2
3.15–4.45pm: Intermediate”

It may be a pilot scheme, perhaps someone on the forum may know.
I must confess I am somewhat attracted to them as Leeds is on the East Coast main line and is generally easy to get to. However there is not a train available the same day to include the first two classes, only the last two, as it would normally be my intention to cover all four classes as with Elmhurst.


PS Closing date for Leeds 6th Feb

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